South Park Pinball Machine 

Tornado Foosball Tables$1495 

2018 ​​Ultimate Williams Multicade 


2018 Lightning Edition Multicades 

INCLUDING NBA JAM, Mortal Kombat 1,2,3,4 , Tekken 1,2,3 , Pac-Man, The Simpsons, Mario, Super Mario, Track & Field, Popeye, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 1&2, Every single Street Fighter(over 35), X-Men, Marvel, Marvel vs Street Fighter, X-Men vs Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, Capcom, Neo-Geo, WWF Wrestle Fest, WWE Superstars, Pit Fighter, Robocop 1&2, Sonic The Hedgehog 1&2,, Elevator Action Returns, Contra and Super Contra, P.O.W. , Double Dragon 1,2,&3, Every single Metal Slug(14), Aliens , Aliens vs Peditor, Green Beret, Vigilante, Dragon Ball Z 1&2, Airwolf , Commando, Kung Fu Master, Superman, Batman, Ghost n Goblins, Missing in Action 1&2, Every single (17)The King Of Fighters, Hook, Blood Brothers, Moonwalker, Rambo, Dragonball Z, Raiden, Commando, Football Frenzy, Hard Yardage, Puzzle Bobble and tons more!!

Over 400 incredible classic Games, 19 inch Wide angle LCD monitor, 2 1/4 inch Trackball, We deliver most games in person!  Every piece and parts including the cabinet Totally New 1 year warranty!
Also comes with 412 Classic Vertical Games ! Also comes with other boards with options no other companies offer!

These are totally refurbished from the ground up. They Come in Black , Black w/ Silver Flake, Cherry Oak and Camo. with New Felt, New Rails, New Balls, Rack, Cues, and chalk. 


 Refurbished Air Hockey Tables

Starting at $1650

1966 Williams Pitch & Bat Baseball 

2018 Custom Cocktail Tables

​2018 Galaga Ultimate VH Package

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My Lightning Edition Cabinets all come with a very exciting graphic package that has all your favorite characters from all your favorite games. Starting with the Galaga Ship shooting lightning down through the game into all your favorites. come with either 60 Vertical games, or over 400 classic Games, or the new VH Package with Vertical and Horizontal games that include Asteroids, Mario and Super Mario, Zoo Keeper, Bagman, Missile Command, Moon Patrol. All have 19 inch Wide Angle LCD Game Pro monitor.
 Every piece and part including the cabinet Totally New 1 year warranty 

 It's only H 49 x W 19 3/4 x D 18 and it's the perfect size for those that don't have the space for the big cabinets. Or for the little gamer in your life. Best of all it's light enough for Santa or anyone to get up the steps on Christmas eve. This is made with the exact same materials and parts that I put in all my Arcade Games. They all come with a 19 inch Game Pro Wide Angle LCD Monitor. Just like in all my arcade games. Comes with the same Power Supply, same Wire Harness, same Game Boards, Buttons , Switches and Joysticks as all of my big Multi-Game cabinets.  It's the perfect size for adults to play sitting in any chair and with the same monitor size as the original games and with the same parts that I put in my g-r-e-a-t BIG Multigame cabinets. So this would fit nicely in any living room, game room, bed room, and man or woman cave. Plus your going to get the same gaming experience.


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1968 Williams Ball Park Baseball 


Simply the best Williams Multigame. Stargate, Defender, Joust, Robotron, Moon Patrol, Asteriods, Zoo Keeper, Wizard of War, Sinistar, Missle Command, Crazy Climber, Excitebike, Tapper, Mario, Super Mario, Elevator Action, Jungle King, Space invaders, Bezerk, Crystal Castles, Liberator, Tetris, Bubbles, Lost Tomb, Root Beer Tapper, Rush'N Attack, Liberator, Carnival and More!!

These are a real blast from the past! I get calls every single week to find games like these for customers. Well, here they are!! Don't miss your chance to own one or both of these great Classic Williams Games. Both play great and can be delivered and set up to you. Video of each game coming. To get your game on call me today

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Current Promotion !!

Now !  All new 2018 Cocktail Tables will come with a pair of adjustable Cocktail Table Stools. These stools cost me $115 but are FREE with every purchase of my 2018 Cocktail Tables 

This plays Vertical and Horizontal classic Games, 19 inch wide angle LCD monitor, Every piece and parts including the cabinet Totally New 1 year warranty! 

Also comes with 412 Classic Vertical Games ! I have other boards and options that other companies do not offer!

These comes with insane mix of the classic graphics packages to choose from like Ms.Pac-Man, Galaga, and many more. Also comes in new 2018 packages like Ms.Pac-Man Black Edition, Galaga/ Dig Dug , Donkey Kong / Centipede, and more. Packages come with either 60 Vertical games, or over 400 classic Games, or the new VH Package with Vertical and Horizontal games that include Asteroids, Mario and Super Mario, Zoo Keeper, Bagman, Missile Command, Moon Patrol. All have 19 inch Wide Angle LCD Game Pro monitor.
 Every piece and part including the cabinet Totally New 1 year warranty 

These are the very best MultI-Game cabinets you can buy. Made with only the very best parts and quality. Every piece and part is out of the box BRAND NEW and under warranty from companies that I know and trust. I do not use old pawn shop monitors or old used parts like others claiming to sale new games at a cheaper price. My 2018 cabinets are cut out for your specific order. These are not old used sanded and painted over cabinets that have been sitting around with mold and bugs in a warehouse. 

Make no mistake these are the very best Multi-Games that you can buy and I personally Guarantee your satisfaction.
I build your game. I personally deliver your game, and I will personally stand behind your game.

Jeffrey Allen Edwards

These tables are refurbished from the ground up. Rails and overhead scoring have been coated with Black and Purple Custom Coat Urethane Base Texture Coating like used for heavy duty truck bed liner. The sides are new black formica, with new Fast Track Boards. Color changing LEDs underneath the table that can be changed to do several things with a wireless remote.

2018 Ultimate VH Custom Multigame Cabinets 

New Custom Multi-Game Arcade Games For Sale For Home, Business, & Rental Properties 

 New 2018 Pac-Man Mini

Please scroll down to view all arcade games!

2018 Ultimate VH Ms.Pac-Man, Galaga ,Lightning Edition

The VH stands for vertical and horizontal games. For years and years all anyone has been able to get in a vertical cabinet has been vertical games. Well not any more!! Yes my new platform plays both vertical and horizontal games and is now available in my new 2018 Ultimate VH cabinets. I take the upmost pride in making sure you get the very best all around gaming experience possible. All of my cabinets have the best parts,electronics and graphics. I personally build, deliver and stand behind my games to ensure your satisfaction and gaming experience. This is not a 60 in 1, This is not what the others sale.!!

The 2018 HV Ultimate cabinets will play these great Vertical and Horizontal Game in this vertical cabinet.

Vertical Games 1942, Amidar, Arkanoid, Bagman, Centipede, Congo Bongo, Cosmic Avenger, Crush Roller, Dig Dug, Dig Dug 2, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong II, Donkey Kong 3, Donkey Kong Foundry, Donkey Kong Jr. Donkey Kong Pauline Edition, Eyes, Frogger, Galaga, Galaga 2000, Galaga Enduring Freedom, Galaxian, Galaxian Part X, Gaplus, Gorf, Jr. Pac Man, Lizard Wizard, Mach Rider Mappy, Millipede, Moon Cresta, Mr. TNT, Ms. Pac Man, Pac & Pal Pac, Gentleman Pac Man, Pac Man Plus, Pengo Pengo, Popcorn, Phoenix Pooyan, Scramble, Super Bagman, Super Breakout, Super Pac Man, Super Xevious, Super Zaxxon,Cocktail Turtles, Tutankham, Time Pilot, Xevious,

Horizontal Games Asteroids, Berzerk, Bubbles, Burgertime, Carnival, Clu Clu Land, Cosmic Avenger, Crash, Crazy Climber, Crystal Castles, Elevator Action, Excitebike, Frenzy, Gridlee, Ice Climber, Jungle Hunt, Jungle King, Kram, Lady Bug, Liberator, Lost Tomb, Mario Bros, Missile Command, Moon Patrol, Mr. Do, Mr. Do's Castle, New Rally X, Ponpoko, Qix, Qix II Tournament, Rally X, Root Beer Tapper, Rush'n Attack, Satan's Hollow, Sinistar, Snap Jack, Space Invaders, Spade Invaders Deluxe, Star Luster, Super Mario, Tapper, Tazz‐Mania, Tetris, Horizontal Timber, Vs. Lady Golf, Vs. Pinball, Vs. Slalom, Vs. Soccer, Vs. Stroke & Match Golf, Yie Ar Kung Fu, Zoo Keeper 

2018 SUPERCADE over 900 Games 

2018 Ms.Pac-Man 400 Classic games

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Refurbished Pool Tables


Please feel free to contact me by phone with a call or a text with any questions that you may have. In most cases a phone call helps out greatly in helping to explain options for new games or discuss repairs. If you can't get through please text. I do stay very busy but I will get back to you asap. You can also e-mail with any questions that you may have. Phone number and message box are below.

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Do not miss this Williams Ball Park Baseball. Plays great !. With 3 different pitches to choose from you can keep your opponent guessing what pitch is coming next.. This has the classic ramp & upper level for Home Runs!! 
Play 1 or 2 players! To get your game on call me today!