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​Williams Multigame  

 INCLUDING NBA JAM, Mortal Kombat, Blades of Steel, The Simpsons, Mario, Super Mario, Track & Field, Popeye, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 1&2, Every single Street Fighter, X-Men, Marvel, Marvel vs Street Fighter, X-Men vs Street Fighter, Capcom, Neo-Geo, WWF Wrestle Fest, WWE Superstars, Pit Fighter, Robocop 1&2, Sonic The Hedgehog 1&2,, Elevator Action Returns, Contra and Super Contra, P.O.W. , Double Dragon 1,2,&3, Every single Metal Slug(14), Aliens , Aliens vs Peditor, Green Beret, Vigilante, Dragon Ball Z 1&2, Airwolf , Commando, Kung Fu Master, Superman, Batman, Ghost n Goblins, Missing in Action 1&2, Every single (17)The King Of Fighters, Mega Man 2, Blood Brothers, Rambo 3 , Samurai Shodown 1-4, Football Frenzy, Tetris, Every Knights of Valour, AND MUCH MUCH MORE !!

These are our totally new 2018 Multicades Arcade Classics with your choice of 60, 412, 619, 750 or over 900 Classic arcade Games in your very own custom cabinet. The Totally 2018 Multicades come in  Galaga, Ms.Pac-Man 60, Donkey Kong Q-Bert, and Street Fighter for the 619 Ultimate fighting package and Custom Cocktail Tables as well.

NOW  available is our SUPERCADE XL CABINETS 

New Parts Include- New Cabinet,New Lcd Flat-screen,New coin door w/mechs, New Speaker, New light ballast, New game Board, New wire-harness, New buttons, New joystick, New Switches, New power supply with surge protected, New side art New header New graphic package 1 year parts and labor warranty 

with over 400 games

 001.Ms. Pac-Man 002.Ms. Pac-Man (speedup) 003.Ms. Pac-Man Plus 004.Galaga 005.Frogger 006.Frog 007.Donkey Kong 008.Crazy Kong 009.Donkey Kong Junior 010.Donkey Kong 3 011.Galaxian 012.Galaxian Part X 013.Galaxian Turbo 014.Dig Dug 015.Crush Roller 016.Mr. Do! 017.Space Invaders Part II 018.Super Invaders (EMAG) 019.Return of the Invaders 020.Super Space Invaders '91 021.Pac-Man 022.PuckMan 023.PuckMan (speedup) 024.New Puck-X 025.Newpuc2 026.Galaga 3 027.Gyruss 028.Tank Battalion 29.1942 030.Lady Bug 031.Burger Time 032.Mappy 033.Centipede 034.Millipede 035.Jr. Pac-Man 036.Pengo 037.Son of Phoenix 038.Time Pilot 039.Super Cobra 040.Video Hustler 041.Space Panic 042.Space Panic (harder) 043.Super Breakout 044.Arkanoid 045.Super Qix 046.Juno First 047.Xevious 048.Mr. Do's Castle 049.Moon Cresta 050.Pinball Action 051.Scramble 052.Super Pac-Man 053.Bomb Jack 054.Shao-Lin's Road 055.King & Balloon 56.1943 057.Van-Van Car 058.Pac-Man Plus 059.Pac & Pal 060.Dig Dug II 061.Amidar 062.Zaxxon 063.Super Zaxxon 064.Pooyan 065.Pleiads 066.Gun.Smoke 067.The End 068.1943 Kai 069.Congo Bongo 070.Jumping Jack 071.Big Kong 072.Bongo 073.Gaplus 074.Ms. Pac Attack 075.Abscam 076.Ajax 077.Ali Baba and 40 Thieves 078.Finalizer - Super Transformation 079.Arabian 080.Armored Car 081.Astro Blaster 082.Astro Fighter 083.Astro Invader 084.Battle Lane! 085.Battle-Road, The 086.Beastie Feastie 087.Bio Attack 088.Black Hole 089.Block Gal 090.Blue Print 091.Bump 'n' Jump 092.Cavelon 093.Cheeky Mouse 094.Circus Charlie 095.Commando 096.Darwin 4078 097.Defend the Terra Attack - UFO 098.Devil Fish 099.Devil Zone 100.Dingo 101.Disco No.1 102.Dock Man 103.Dog Fight (Thunderbolt) 104.Dommy 105.Dorodon 106.Dr. Micro 107.Dr. Toppel's Adventure 108.Dream Shopper 109.Eagle 110.Eggor 111.Eight Ball Action 112.Enigma 2 113.Exciting Soccer 114.Exerion 115.Eyes 116.Fantazia 117.Labyrinth Runner 118.Fighting Roller 119.Fire Battle 120.Fire Trap 121.Fly-Boy 122.Free Kick 123.Funky Bee 124.Funky Fish 125.Funny Mouse 126.Future Spy 127.Galaxy Wars 128.Gardia 129.Ghostmuncher Galaxian 130.Go Go Mr. Yamaguchi 131.Gorkans 132.Grobda 133.Gun Dealer 134.Guzzler 135.Gyrodine 136.Hangly-Man 137.Hero in the Castle of Doom 138.High Way Race 139.Hoccer 140.Hopper Robo 141.Intrepid 142.Jack the Giantkiller 143.Joinem 144.Jolly Jogger 145.Joyman 146.Jump Coaster 147.Jungler 148.Crazy Rally 149.Kangaroo 150.Kaos 151.Kicker 152.Korosuke Roller 153.Lasso 154.Lock'n'Chase 155.Loco-Motion 156.Looping 157.Lunar Rescue 158.Mad Alien 159.VS Gong Fight 160.800 Fathoms 161.Mighty Guy 162.Mighty Monkey 163.Mikie 164.Minky Monkey 165.Mission 660 166.Mister Viking 167.Money Money 168.Monkey Donkey 169.Monster Bash 170.Moon Alien 171.Moon Alien Part 2 172.Moonwar 173.Motos 174.Mouser 175.Mr. Jong 176.Mr. Kougar 177.Mr. TNT 178.Mysterious Stones 179.Naughty Boy 180.Naughty Mouse 181.Navarone httpa//182.Net/:::182.Net Wars 183.New Sinbad 7 184.Wild Western 185.Nibbler 186.Ninja Emaki 187.Jackal 188.Gomoku Narabe Renju 189.Nunchackun 190.Oli-Boo-Chu 191.Ozma Wars 192.Pandora's Palace 193.Strata Bowling 194.Percussor, The 195.Perestroika Girls 196.Performan 197.Phozon 198.Pickin' 199.Pinbo 200.Piranha 201.Pisces 202.Pit, The 203.Polaris 204.Pop Flamer 205.Popper 206.Power Surge 207.Pro Baseball Skill Tryout 208.City Bomber 209.Rafflesia 210.Regulus 211.Road Fighter 212.Roc'n Rope 213.Round-Up 214.Rug Rats 215.S.R.D.S.R.D. S.R.D. Mission 216.SWAT 217.Samurai Nihon-ichi 218.Satan of Saturn 219.Saturn 220.Bagman 221.Scrambled Egg 222.Senjyo 223.Shot Rider 224.Sindbad Mystery 225.Sky Base 226.Seicross 227. Space King 2 228.Space Firebird 229.Space Force 230.Space Pilot 231.Space Raider 232.Space Thunderbird 233.Speak & Rescue 234.Speed Ball 235.Springer 236.Star Force 237.Star Jacker 238.Stinger 239.Streaking 240.Super Bagman 241.Super Basketball 242.Super Doubles Tennis 243.Super Galaxians 244.Super Mouse 245.Gigas 246.Swarm 247.Syusse Oozumou 248.Tactician 249.Slither 250.Top Roller 251.Tower of Druaga 252.Traverse USA 253.Triple Punch 254.Turpin 255.Tutankham 256.UniWar S 257.Vastar 258.Vulgus 259.Wanted 260.Warp & Warp 261.Water Ski 262.Wiping 263.Wiz 264.Woodpecker 265.Yamato 266.Omega Fighter Special 267.Zig Zag 268.Cutie Q 269.Zodiack 270.Zzyzzyxx 271.Anteater 272.Blades of Steel 273.Bomb Bee 274.Turbo Force 275.Kuhga 276.Thundercade / Twin Formation 277.Devastators 278.Aero Fighters 279.Sonic Wings 280.Tetris(1P) 281.Truxton / Tatsujin 282.Out Zone 283.Lightning Fighters 284.Super Contra 285.Rally Bike 286.Gang Busters 287.Mercs 288.Time Scanner 289.Varth - Operation Thunderstorm 290.Argus 291.Image Fight 292.Youma Ninpou Chou 293.Blast Off 294.Galaga (fast shoot) 295.Truxton II / Tatsujin II 296.Mahou Daisakusen 297.Zing Zing Zip 298.Armed Formation 299.Commando 300.Dragon Spirit 301.Gemini Wing 302.Sky Soldiers 303.TNK III 304.Terra Cresta 305.Air Duel 306.Blazer 307.Heavy Barrel 308.Quester 309.Caliber 50 310.DownTown 311.Dyger 312.Tiger Heli 313.Slap Fight (Japan ) 314.Slap Fight (English ) 315.Ikari Warriors 316.Ashura Blaster 317.Master of Weapon 318.Gun & Frontier 319.Fighting Hawk 320.Twin Cobra 321.Flying Shark 322.Time Soldiers 323.Battlantis 324.The Hustler 325.War of Aero 326.Galaga '88 327.Assault 328.Dragon Saber 329.Cosmo Gang the Video 330.Sky Fox 331.SAR - Search And Rescue 332.Tail to Nose - Great Championship 333.Super Formula 334.Final Star Force 335.Galaga '84 336.Dangar - Ufo Robo 337.Last Duel 338.Mad Gear 339.Alley Master 340.Legendary Wings 341.Wrestle War 342.Block Block 343.Rompers 344.Bowl-O-Rama 345.Twin Eagle 346.Victory Road 347.Extermination 348.Plus Alpha 349.Bells & Whistles 350.Kageki 351.1941 - Counter Attack 352.Alpine Ski 353.APB - All Points Bulletin 354.Carnival 355.Electric Yo-Yo, The 356.fastfred 357.Front Line 358.Green Beret 359.Guerrilla War 360.Journey(1P) 361.Joust 2 362.Karate Champ 363.Kick 364.Krull 365.Lost Tomb (easy) 366.Up'n Down 367.Mad Planets 368.Mega Zone 369.Phoenix 370.Qbert 371.Qbert's Qubes 372.Qix 373.Qix 2 374.Ring King 375.Satan's Hollow 376.Sinistar 377.Solar Fox 378.Space Dungeon 379.Space Invaders 380.Speed Rumbler, The 381.Tac/Scan 382.Tag Team Wrestling 383.Tempest 384.19XX:The War Against Destiny 385.Time Pilot '84 386.Toobin' 387.Tournament Arkanoid 388.Tron 389.Colony 7 390.Play Girls 2 391.Play Girls 392.Bull Fighter 393.Evil Stone 394.Trick Trap 395.Arkanoid - Revenge of DOH 396.Gorf 397.Arbalester 398.1945k III 399.DonPachi 400.DoDonPachi 401.Dimahoo 402.Fantasia 403.Fantasy '95 404.Gals Panic 405.New Fantasia 406.Super Model 407.Guwange 408.Battle Bakraid 409.Dangun Feveron 410.ESP Ra.De. 411.Spiders 412.Raiden 

Comes with all New Game Pro 19 in LCD Flat-Screen,

60 in 1 or 412 Board , Power Supply,Wire Harness, Joysticks,Buttons, Multicade Graphics of your choice

60 Game Board List 

 Space Invaders,Pac-Man, Ms Pac-man, Jr. Pac-Man, Super Pacman, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior, Donkey Kong 3, Galaxian, Galaga, Galaga 3, Galaga (Fast fire version), Frogger, Centipede, Millipede, Dig Dug, Dig Dug 2,Time Pilot, 1942, 1943, Mr. Do, Mr Do's Castle, Mappy, Zaxxon, Burger Time, Amidar, Arkanoid, Bomb Jack, Crush Roller, Gyruss, Hustler, Juno First, King & Balloon, Ladybug, Moon Cresta, New Rally X, Pac-Man Plus, Pengo, Phoenix, Pinball Action, Qix, Scramble, Shao-Lin's Road, Space Panic, Super Breakout, Super Cobra, Tank Battalion, Van-Van Car, Xevious, Pooyan, Pleiads, Gunsmoke, 1943, Kai, Congo Bongo, Jumping Jack, Ms. Pac-Man (Fast version), Pac-Man (Fast version), Jr. Pac-Man (Fast version), Pac-Man Plus (Fast version) 

2018 Galaga Multicade 

​​2018 Custom Cocktail Tables

412 Game Board List 

These are the very best Multicades cabinets you can buy. Made with only the very best parts and quality. Every piece and part is out of the box BRAND NEW and under warranty. I do not use old pawn shop monitors or old used parts like others claiming to sale new games. The cabinet is cut out to your specific order. These are not old used sanded and painted over cabinets that have been sitting around with mold and bugs in a warehouse. Make no mistake these are the very best Multicades that you can buy and I personally Guarantee your satisfaction.

I build your game. I personally deliver your game and I will personally stand behind your game
Jeffrey Allen Edwards



2018 Ms.Pac-Man Multicade 

Game list includes Pac-Man, Ms.Pac-Man, Galaxian, Galaga, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, Space Invaders, Centipede , Millipede, Dig Dig 1&2, Time Pilot, 1943, Zaxxon

Comes with over 400 Games in 1 Insane New Cabinet

NEW Lcd Flat-screen,Board,Power supply, etc w/ Track Ball

All with totally new parts all under warranty   

Please feel free to contact me by phone with a call or a text with any questions that you may have. In most cases a phone call helps out greatly in helping to explain options for new games or discuss repairs. If you can't get through please text. I do stay very busy but I will get back to you asap. You can also e-mail with any questions that you may have. Phone number and message box are below.

I personally build your 2018 cabinet with parts from companies that I know that I can trust. I deliver all my games in person to ensure your satisfaction. I personally walk you though your new game and answer any questions that you may have.

I do Not Drop ship to your driveway like other companies.
There is an $800 Deposit on all new cabinets.The balance is not due until I delivery your new game and you are satisfied and we seal the deal with a hand shake. Every piece and part of my games are out of the box brand new and under warranty. I do not use old, cheap pawn shop computer monitors like other companies. I Only use the very best Wells Gardner or Game pro lcd monitors with a warranty that I can stand behind. I don't use used joysticks or power supplies or buttons and switches(these are tricks used by other companies claiming they sale new games or offer them at a lower price).

My 2018 cabinets are cut to order in the style you chose when I receive your deposit. Not an old 1982 cabinet that's been sitting around in a old warehouse with mold and bugs that has been sanded, painted and pawned off as new or like new. These are NEW and impeccable.
Do not get fooled by companies claiming to have a long warranty. The larger companies want to sale a lot of games at one time and do not like home sales. They will not stand behind their warranty and even if they do you will have to box and palatalize the game and ship it back to them. Not only do I Deliver in person but I also stand behind all my new games and honor the warranty personally.

I take a lot of pride making sure you have the very best game you can buy.

If you have a problem. I'm coming to take care of it.
As you compare prices keep in mind. I build your new game, I deliver your new game, I will stand behind your new game. If you ever have an issue you can call my cell phone, text me or reach me here and I will take care of the issue with your new game. There is nothing worse than buying a new game that does not work and the company you bought it from will not pick up the phone or will not stand behind their product.

Comes with over 700 classic arcade including Defender, Stargate, Robotron, Missile Command, Joust, Rampage, Kung Fu Master, Tetris, Moon Patrol, Elevator Action ,Jungle King, !0 Yard Fight.

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Comes with over 400 Games in 1 Insane New Galaga Cabinet

NEW Lcd Flat-screen,Board,Power supply, etc w/ Track Ball

All with totally new parts all under warranty